GIFT Volunteer Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with GIFT; we hope that we can work together to make a real difference. In order for you to become a volunteer with us please complete this form.

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    If you volunteer as a driver for GIFT in any form we advise you in the interests of full disclosure to contact your insurance company and inform them that you use your vehicle for volunteering work. It is unlikely that your insurance company will require any additional premium from you.

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    I will not disclose any details of the families and their circumstances to another person/organisation without GIFT’s permission. I agree to participate in any training sessions arranged for me and to observe all safety, security and other rules explained to me. I undertake to keep all information regarding GIFT’s families strictly confidential.

    Please ensure you read this important information and sign below

    GIFT’s twin objectives are to educate people to live a life of giving and to help those in the community for whom our volunteers can make an immediate difference.

    GIFT is providing you with this information to ensure we raise your awareness of these issues. The Rules and Regulations (specific to Helping Hand visits) are to be adhered to by volunteers at all times.


    Safeguarding is a widely used term in organisations such as GIFT which works with families, young people and children. It’s a generic term that describes responsible adults doing what is necessary to protect children in their different environments such as home, schools etc.

    We undertake a risk assessment in each family home that you may visit, however it is important that you are aware that some children, no matter what faith or level of religiosity may suffer from abuse.

    The Children Act 1989 – Child Protection, Section 47 states a Local Authority has a duty to investigate where a child in their area is suffering or likely to suffer significant harm, and to decide on appropriate action to safeguard or promote the child’s welfare.

    Abuse comes in a variety of forms:

    • Neglect
    • Emotional
    • Physical
    • Intimate
    • Verbal

    Abuse can impact a child’s life severely. If at any time, during the time you are volunteering visits you have any serious concerns about the how a child in the family is being treated, you must report it to Keren Heller 07541 417 768 or Shira Joseph 07801953207 from GIFT. They will automatically report it to GIFT’s Managing Director and the JFT’s (Jewish Futures Trust) Designated Safeguarding Officer who will make a decision about what to do next.

    The welfare and safety of any child within a home you visit as well as own safety is of paramount importance. Should you feel uncomfortable about any situation you must leave immediately and report your concerns. Reporting concerns is the right thing to do – whatever the outcome, your will not be treated any differently by GIFT and you will be able to continue to volunteer for a different family.

    The following rules are in place to ensure your safety. Our families have been made aware of these rules and have signed a contract to ensure they have understood and will keep to these rules. It is important that we are made aware of any families who do not adhere to these rules.

    Visiting Families

    • All families’ details are confidential and should not be discussed with any other parties besides the GIFT coordinators and a member of GIFT’s staff.
    • Volunteers should not:
      • Change Nappies
      • Bath Children
      • Do any housework
    • For safeguarding please ensure doors of the rooms you are in are kept open.
    • Volunteers must ask parent’s permission to take a child (or children) out of house every time and only if GIFT have agreed it with the family in advance.
    • Volunteers must not take pictures of the children or families unless parents/carers have provided written consent.
    • Do not give out your personal information including mobile numbers to the families.

    Visiting Hospitals/ Care Homes

    • When visiting private rooms, doors must be kept open.
    • Do not feed or move a patient or resident in a care home without consulting a nurse or carer.

    Warehouse / Food Packing

    • All packing session volunteers must sign in every time they visit the warehouse. This is for Health & Safety, Fire Safety and medical reasons. There will be a specific sign in point.
    • Volunteers must ensure they make themselves known to a member of the GIFT team (if you suffer from any specific allergy or medical condition you must inform a member of staff separately).
    • At each packing session the back door of the warehouse will be open for a short time for volunteers to enter and sign in. If you arrive late, please ring on the bell.
    • At every packing session there will be a short induction – volunteers are required to listen to the induction and follow the information.


    • Volunteers who drive (collection and distribution of GIFT food) must have a valid driver’s licence.
    • For any driving undertaken that is not food related, volunteers will be expected to complete a DBS check.
    • Volunteers should contact their insurance companies and inform them that you also are using your vehicle for volunteering. It is unlikely your insurance company will charge an additional premium, however they will expect to know for full disclosure.
    • Drivers will be expected to be included on the GIFT Driver’s What’s App platform as this is the main way in which collections and deliveries are coordinated.
    • Volunteer Drivers are expected to honour the commitment they make as needy families are relying on them to deliver food packages. Drivers must inform the GIFT driver’s Coordinator Keren Heller on 07541 417 768 as soon as you possibly can should you not be able to collect or deliver as agreed.
    • Volunteer Driver’s must read and follow the Driver’s Induction – see below.

    Thank you for volunteering for GIFT. As a volunteer driver you will be making a significant difference to a number of families in need within our community. Please read below the information to ensure your volunteering experience with GIFT is as beneficial to our families, as it is to you and the GIFT team.

    Necessary steps for volunteering:

    1. The address of the GIFT warehouse is: 61 – 63 Watford Way Nw4 3AX . Enter via the back entrance just off Rundell crescent. There are 3 parking spaces outside the warehouse that you can use. To enter the warehouse please use the code C1650 on the combination on the door.
    2. Your packages will be left in the inner lobby of the warehouse and should be labelled clearly either with your name or the area you will be delivering to.
    3. Please make sure to take the list and the envelope (normally attached to the bag) as it contains the house numbers inside the envelope. Ensure that you have the correct number of bags as indicated on the list that you have been given. If there is a discrepancy please contact the volunteer coordinator Keren Heller on 07541 417 768.
    4. Our families will be expecting their food packages to be delivered on the same day and by 8.30pm. On Friday evening, food packages must be dropped off at the family house minimally 3 hours before the commencement of Shabbat.
    5. GIFT is well known for maintaining confidentiality and discretion with our families. Upon arrival to the address please leave the parcel outside the house, ring on the doorbell and walk back to your car and drive away immediately. Please discard both lists upon completion of the drop.

    Feedback is vital for us to be able to enhance how GIFT manages its operations. Please feel free to offer constructive comments which will be discussed and taken on board if appropriate.

    If you have an urgent enquiry please call Keren Heller on 07541 417 768

    Helping Families

    We help a variety of families Before you go to a family we will do our best to brief you on the family situation, how many children, their age etc. and what help they require. Make sure you respect the home and be as helpful as you can.

    General Guidelines:

    • Have your phone on you and plan your route to get there.
    • If you are unwell please phone your coordinator. If it is Shabbat please try to get a message to the family to let them know you will not be there. If that is not possible, let your coordinator know as soon as possible after Shabbat.
    • Make sure your parents know where you are and when you are expected to come home.
    • Do not judge our families or make assumptions about their status and whether or not they need help.
    • Important numbers:
      • Hatzola:  0300 9994 999
      • Taxi number: 020 8809 4444 - EMESS – Please ask your coordinator for the account number.
    • We encourage all feedback; both positive and negative and will take it seriously.

    When you arrive at the house:

    • Be punctual, be polite and introduce yourself when you arrive.
    • Specify to the family what time you will need to leave.
    • Ask the parents what they would like you to do and details of what their children enjoy. Ask parent how best to interact with special needs child if you are not sure. If a child is misbehaving, ask the parent for help.
    • Remember, you are there for the children. Engage in activities the child enjoys rather then what you enjoy.
    • Avoid any confrontation with any family member. Even if you feel you are right, you are there to help the family so keep calm and agree. Allow the child to win at games (don’t make it obvious).
    • Project positive energy. Keep any emotional or difficult issues to yourself until after you have left (smile at all times). If you feel you need to talk to someone about anything you have experienced please contact your coordinators.
    • Pick up after yourself if you have been playing games with the children. Get the children to help you too.

    In Hospitals:

    • Use hand sanitiser before and after visiting.
    • Only visit patients that you have been instructed to visit.
    • If door is closed, ask a nurse to check if patient would like a visit. Always knock before entering.
    • Be cheerful - BIG smile and a warm greeting, always introduce yourself and ask if you may sit down.
    • Offer to bring food and drink from the Shabbos room. Consult with a nurse first for permission.
    • Don't stare at any patient’s physical issues that would have caused them to be admitted to the hospital.
    • If a patient requires assistance, do not physically help/move the patient. Ask a nurse.

    In Care Homes:

    • Introduce yourself, ask where they are from - the more you know about them- the more you can use to engage in conversation.
    • Never act as if elderly person is ancient or ‘obsolete’- don’t assume age related problems.

    Please be aware the families you are helping may feel uncomfortable at having to receive help from GIFT.


    Whilst GIFT can provide information of this nature to parents, it is parent’s responsibility to ensure that their children are made aware of this Safeguarding and Child Protection Information and make an informed decision regarding their volunteering. Parents should check with their children as to where they are when volunteering. Parents should contact the Volunteer Coordinator for more details if necessary.

    For Parents
    I confirm that I have discussed the above information regarding Safeguarding & Child Protection and GIFT’s Rules & Regulations with my child. I accept full responsibility in ensuring that my child
    has a clear understanding of the Safeguarding & Child Protection information supplied and GIFT’s Rules & Regulations.

    Please use mouse if completing this form on a PC or your fingernail if on a mobile device to sign

    For Children
    I confirm that I
    have read the Safeguarding Information and GIFT’s Rules & Regulations and I have a clear understanding of the information provided. I confirm that I will act responsibly, abide by the rules and ensure I report any incidents as mentioned above.

    Please use mouse if completing this form on a PC or your fingernail if on a mobile device to sign

    Signed by Volunteer

    Please use mouse if completing this form on a PC or your fingernail if on a mobile device to sign