Packages and Cards for NHS and Care Homes

"On behalf of all NHS staff here, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the children from Noam for their lovely gifts and the beautiful artwork on each of the bags. It certainly lifted our spirits!"

"Dear GIFT, thank you so much for all the wonderful donations that arrived on Friday. The posters are just amazing!  We are going to put them up all around the home and I know they will be well received by our care staff. All the toiletries will go down great as well - HR are very thankful for the overnight bags as these will be such a nice treat for those staying over night. Thank you also for dropping them off, it was so helpful. Best wishes."

"Everyone is feeling very emotionally and physically drained and these little acts of kindness boost us all so unbelievably much and we’re so grateful! So thank you for thinking of us"

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