Food Support

“Dearest GIFT,  how can I thank you for literally saving my life over this whole traumatic period. As a single mum I’m not only going through severe financial hardship I’m also struggling mentally to cope with the kids. Your cooked meals, amazing food parcels, flowers and presents for the children not only help financially but took the stress and burden off me and my family, allowing me to give my children more of my time. I don’t know how I can ever repay you. All I hear is how many people you’re helping so I know it’s not just me. Please G-d one day I can repay you, not just for what you send me but for your kindness and care always.”


" Dear GIFT,

Hope you are well and I hope you had a lovely Hag Shavuot.

This my email just to say THANK YOU!

Thanks to you and thanks to all the precious GIFT staff.

Every week when I get the delivery from you, I bless each and everyone of you for your good heart.

I do not take everything that I receive for granted but as a blessing that comes from your hands.

You are special always want to give and help without even knowing the people you help and this is very honorable.

I appreciate your every single gesture and anything you send me, for me is a priceless gift.

May G-d bless you all and  give you the strength to continue helping always"


"Our greatest thanks to you all for providing us with full Shavuot meals - they look so delicious !

Have a lovely Yom Tov and may we be zocheh this year to receive Mashiach with the Torah!"

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"There is no ‘I’ in Team, but we are glad there is ‘U’ in our volunteers!"