GIFT Roadmap to Giving - Challenge yourself to make giving the new normal!


Welcome to GIFT’s Roadmap to Giving Challenge!

Over the next few months as lockdown comes to an end, we have an amazing opportunity to make giving the new normal. As many of our favourite locations and activities reopen, we can approach them anew and introduce small acts of giving into our daily lives. It’s so simple – whenever you go out for a meal, participate in a sporting event or attend a birthday party, just ask yourself ‘how can I help someone else’. In no time at all, every conversation and activity you do will be transformed into an opportunity to give. We know you can rise to the challenge.

How the challenge works

7 things will change from April 12th onwards. We have created 7 small giving activities and 7 challenger activities to mirror these changes. If, over the next few months, you complete all 7 small tasks and one challenger task, you can register your achievement on this page and will receive a FREE Pizaza voucher. Download the booklet below or view the PDF file to learn more about the challenges, and then return to this page once you’ve completed the full challenge – we can’t wait to hear about the amazing progress you’ve made!

Option one: Get the booklet sent to your house

Option two: Download a virtual PDF of the booklet

Option three: Register your achievement

If you have any questions about the challenge or want to find out about other ways you can volunteer, please email

Please tag us on social media or email any pictures to of you doing any of these challenges.

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"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give"
Winston Churchill