Waitrose GIFTs it forward

08/06/21Waitrose GIFTs it forward

Waitrose, Temple Fortune has generously donated £250 worth of food to GIFT’s London food bank. 

Vikki Warner, Partner & Team Manager of Waitrose Temple Fortune explained - “We are so happy to help this wonderful charity who are out there supporting the community in so many incredible ways.”

GIFT currently supports over 1,000 people each week with food support packages, giving out over £450,000 of fresh fruit and vegetables, dry food, challah and bread parcels each year. 

Unfortunately, the intensity and longevity of the pandemic has placed a big financial strain on many people in our community and GIFT has seen a dramatic increase in those requiring vital food support. Over 100 additional  families have requested weekly support within the last year.

Michelle Barnett, GIFT’s Founding Director said, “We have almost doubled the amount of food we now need to give out. This has had a huge financial and logistical impact on our food bank/GIFT hub.  The community’s support both in donations of food and money is absolutely essential.”

Roxanne Stross, Community Engagement Coordinator explained, “We are truly grateful to Vikki at Waitrose for her support and generosity; it’s vital that we have our food bank well stocked so our recipient families can rely on our support during their time of need. Our food stocks are currently depleting at the rate of almost £10,000 per week, so we are appealing to the community to help in any way they can, especially by way of street collections.”

For more information or to sign up to a street collection, please contact Roxanne@jgift.org

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