The GIFT of Lockdown photos!

16/06/20The GIFT of Lockdown photos!

With events and celebrations cancelled and postponed, photographer Raphael Ibgi and his wife, make-up artist Sara, came up with an innovative idea during this period, to take lockdown photos outside people’s homes, so that families could have a beautiful memory of this unique time in history. They also made the decision to donate all the proceeds to charity. 

They explain “GIFT has always been a charity that we have loved and respected, and one our family has volunteered for for many years, witnessing the amazing work that has been done. As a family going through Covid, we are acutely aware of the struggles, especially as we are both self-employed and all our event work has been cancelled. We couldn’t help thinking about all the families out there who have things even worse. We know that GIFT is helping those families and we couldn’t think of a better charity to give to. We came up with the idea of a lockdown photoshoot which would be a perfect way of both offering a gift and ‘gifting it forward’ to GIFT. We feel so blessed with the response and are delighted that we’ve been able to give back to the community in this way.” 

Josh and Tamsin Tenenblat saw the advert for the photoshoot and were excited to take up the offer. They told us “What a creative idea to get a fantastic lockdown family photoshoot whilst donating to the amazing charity GIFT at the same time! We see first-hand each week what a difference GIFT makes to people’s lives when we deliver food & support packages to their service users and are in awe of the work that they do to inspire a culture of giving within the community.”


To take up the lockdown photoshoot offer, which runs until the end of June 2020, contact or text 07957192644.

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