The GIFT of education in lockdown

28/04/20The GIFT of education in lockdown

The GIFT education team worked tirelessly as soon as lockdown was instituted to create a world-class context which was spear-headed by GIFT’s Senior Educator Rabbi Avrohom Zeidman who has created a number of high quality video presentations on a plethora of giving-related issues.

The entire GIFT education team have been involved in live online sessions.  A number of primary schools have begun using the video content as their informal education sessions. There is an array of free different and engaging activities on the GIFT website - Check out:

This week, GIFT’s Shira Joseph put together an exciting & inspiring  four week course for years 11 - 13, teaching a skill whilst being inspired by people who have overcome personal challenges.  Guest speakers tell their story, how they have used their experiences or talents to make a difference in the world. 

Speakers include Suzie Simons who has MS and lost her eyesight, yet founded her own charity helping those with sight loss; 

magician Martin Rees, who entertains children in hospital; Jodeci Joseph, who despite his mental health condition has set up a motivational organisation for youth; and David Akinin who used to work in the city and gave it up to work for a charity in Namibia.

The sessions also focus on learning sign language with two qualified instructors, a skill which hopefully the students will build on after the end of the course.

Shira Joseph said 'the point of these classes are to teach students that it really doesn't take much to make a difference, all you need are your hands and knowledge of how to sign; and with this you can really change lives."

To find out more about GIFT’s services or opportunities, contact or phone 0208 457 4429.


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