Support Shimmy & Milo in their run for GIFT

18/06/19Support Shimmy & Milo in their run for GIFT

Shimmy is 15 years old. He was born profoundly deaf and has had numerous challenges over the course of his life.  Having benefited from the volunteering arm of GIFT, Shimmy has chosen to run for GIFT this weekend at the Maccabi GB Community Fun Run, together with his therapy dog Milo, who offers Shimmy companionship, relieves the isolation and provides Shimmy with support & a cuddle after his surgeries and following a tough day.

Marc, Shimmy’s father told us – ‘We are running this week for GIFT, a very special charity who inspire and teach us how to be better people, shifting the focus from our self-centred focus world to a world where we focus on giving, rather than taking. We have been inspired by GIFT.” GIFT inspires a culture of giving through dynamic education, impactful volunteering and supporting those in need. To run for GIFT, please visit and select GIFT or contact Roxanne on 0208 457 4429.

To sponsor Shimmy and Milo with their run, please click on -


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"You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving"
Robert Louis Stevenson