Succot GIFTS for the community.

07/10/20Succot GIFTS for the community.

This Succot marks 18 years since Yoni Jesner’s passing. This year, to honour Yoni’s memory, the Yoni Jesner Foundation  decided to provide Arba Minim for families in need.

“We contacted GIFT to make sure they got to the people who need them most and sent out a call to action. Within 45 minutes, we had 10 sets sponsored and within 15 hours they had all been donated. The outpouring of love, for Yoni, for the Jesner family and for strangers was incredibly touching. It became incredibly clear that Yoni had left an impression on everyone he met. So much so, that years later those people took time to donate and respond telling me how special Yoni was.” Yoni wrote “What did you do today?”  Well, this Succot, many people have helped others perform a mitzvah in honour of Yoni.

In addition to the Arba Minim, GIFT gave out hundreds of catered meals for Yom Tov to those most in need, generously sponsored by Ernst Young Jewish Network.
Hadas Farage, Senior Tax Advisor at Ernst Young told us “The EY Jewish Network are grateful for the opportunity to partner with GIFT to support the great work they do for the Jewish community.”

Just Prior to Succot, GIFT went into Hasmonean Girls school to make succah decorations for care homes.  Over 100 girls participated in the activity and some amazingly long & colourful paper chains were made. High School Educator, Shira Joseph explained 

“It was great to see how excited everyone was to use their lunch break to give to others and that excitement was matched equally by those in the care homes who were delighted to receive the decorations.“ 

Not content with just receiving, the residents of Sage Care Home in Golders Green, enjoyed their very own GIFT volunteering session, making up sweet packages for GIFT recipients which will be given out for Simchat Torah.

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"You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving"
Robert Louis Stevenson