Success at GIFT’s Charity Extra Campaign!

22/12/21Success at GIFT’s Charity Extra Campaign!

GIFT was thrilled to raise an amazing £1,104,355 during its 36-hour matched campaign, which closed at 10pm on Monday evening. 

The campaign raised funds from 3,500 donors across the world: people from the UK to Israel, South Africa to the USA, came together to support GIFT’s Fast Forward campaign. Having reached the £750,000 target after just 12 hours, a new £1,000,000 bonus round took place over a high-octane 22 hours – followed by an amazing and successful push to raise an additional £100,000. 

Volunteers of all ages gave their time to phone and message possible supporters. Over 150 teams inspired and motivated their friends and family to give, with warm comments from supporters including: ‘Delighted to help this wonderful charity’, ‘Keep doing the amazing work you do!’ and ‘Kol hakavod to your endless efforts for the community!’ 

Funds raised will be put towards GIFT’s work in 2022, when the charity plans to engage even more people in practical, accessible and impactful volunteering opportunities, and to create inspiring and meaningful educational programmes, so that our community can keep supporting those who need our help most. 

Rabbi Sandor Milun, Managing Director of GIFT, says: ‘We are thrilled to know that GIFT’s programme for 2022 is secure, thanks to the amazing donations of so many in our community. We are immensely grateful to the hundreds of volunteers, team leaders and supporters who made our campaign such an unprecedented success. Thank you to everyone involved, who will help us to continue to inspire and enable lifelong giving.’ 

Desi Ormonde and Karine Morris, team leaders on the campaign and weekly volunteers for GIFT, say: ‘Being volunteers for GIFT is rewarding in ways we could never have imagined, and seeing firsthand how we are helping people is truly a humbling experience. Being team leaders was a no-brainer, knowing that the more money we raise means helping even more people than ever before, and the response has been truly incredible!’ 

Dan Elek, an 18-year-old volunteer who called possible donors to ask for their support, says: ‘I really enjoyed speaking to so many people, and was proud to be an ambassador for GIFT. I was bowled over by how many people said yes!’ 

One of the campaign’s matching donors, who has asked to be anonymous, says: ‘My family are proud to have been matchers on the Fast Forward campaign; we know that people give more if they know their gift will be doubled, so we feel delighted that we have helped GIFT to raise such an extraordinary amount, so it can continue to do extraordinary things next year.’

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