Over 1000 pupils show their support for Israeli Soldiers through GIFT on Yom Ha’azmaut

09/05/22Over 1000 pupils show their support for Israeli Soldiers through GIFT on Yom Ha’azmaut

To mark Yom Ha’azmaut this year, GIFT Israel arranged for over 1,000 pupils across three schools,  Harel Ramot, Mamad Gonenim and Tirosh Gilo to write gratitude cards to Israeli & lone soldiers. 

Hannah Cohn from GIFT Israel said “The soldiers were so touched to receive the cards from the school children and they said it gives them strength when they are tired to keep on going.”

 Hadassa Cowland Goldberg who gave out the thank you cards & GIFT gratitude packs to soldiers in the Maglan Unit said “The soldiers were so touched! There were around 60 soldiers; they were opening the packages and were so delighted to read the notes and receive the gifts. The things you sent in the gratitude packs were super helpful, especially the socks & snacks. The unit was involved in a dangerous anti-terrorist mission that evening so the packs and the good wishes & support from the children came at a perfect time.

GIFT Israel has been running for over 7 years. Dedicated wonder-woman Hannah Cohn single-handedly runs all the operations from food drives & lone soldier meals to cards for the elderly & Israeli soldiers. Hannah's creativity and passion means she is constantly thinking of new ideas and ways to involve people in the community around them.

When asked what she loves most about her job, Hannah responds: "For me, it's all about finding creative opportunities for people to give using their own talents.”

GIFT Israel also runs bespoke volunteering opportunities for families/friends on holiday in Israel or as part of a Bnei Mitzva trip. 

To contact GIFT Israel, email Hannah@jgift.org 

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