Milly Days welcome GIFT families for a magical day out

21/06/22Milly Days welcome GIFT families for a magical day out

Last week the charity Milly Days welcomed over a hundred GIFT recipient families to an exquisite day out at a stunning riverside property on the banks of the Thames in Buckinghamshire.  

Gina Edwards, Head of Milly Days explained “Our organisation has been going for 10 years and we do roughly 10 parties a season. We invite charities to join a garden party day on the grounds of a private home on the river.

We choose our charities and we spoil them for the day. We offer boat rides, swimming, and depending on the group, we cater for them. We might get farm animals or entertainers in. Our theory is that people who have a tough time, from all sorts of walks of life, whether it’s abuse or cancer, need a boost. We bring them down to a place that they can call their own for a day and use our facilities. They get coffee, lunch strawberries, ice cream and going home bags because no party is ever complete without a going home bag! We just want them to have great memories so when they are sitting there in tough times they have memories that will make them smile. We had GIFT here for the first time and it was a totally memorable day, to see the smiles on these kids’ faces and to see the appreciation from the people. We got some beautiful texts afterwards and it makes Milly Days’ work worth it. We loved having GIFT down, they were a fantastic match, the people, the gratitude, they had tears of happiness and you can't ask for more than that.”

GIFT Family Liaison Officer, Yasmine Ittach, who joined the trip, noted “To see the smiles light up the children’s faces and hear the shouts of delight, has been the most uplifting experience after a traumatic couple of years for so many. The Milly Day outing surpassed all of our expectations and we couldn’t have asked for more from their dedicated staff members, not to mention the magical location and activities. A day I will surely cherish in my role. Everything was so effortlessly well-organised, comfortable and safe, the food was delicious and generosity of the individual gifts for each child as well as the Milly Day goodie bags unbelievable. Every single one of the team were so warm and caring towards our families. The feedback from the parents has been moving beyond words. One single mother’s message says it all: “Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience for my family. Yesterday was one day where they were all so happy and I didn't feel like I couldn't give to them. I felt as if we were rich yesterday and the sky was the limit. It felt so good that the kids could just be kids with smiles on their faces. From my eldest to the youngest they said it was the best day ever. They are drinking hot chocolate in their Milly mugs and are all carrying around their toys with the biggest smile. I have never seen them have so much joy!! The kids already asking to go back. Thank you with all my heart.”

Executive Co-Ordinator of Milly Days,  Emma Allen told us “We absolutely loved having GIFT down to Millwaters for the day. We had all waited such a long time for this. 

I can honestly say we loved our day as much as all your families and hope that we can organise another day for next year.”

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