Manchester King David Students bake cakes for GIFT

16/02/22Manchester King David Students bake cakes for GIFT
A group of Year 12 King David School students in Manchester took on the task of organizing a bake sale of GIFT themed cupcakes at their school this week, selling to hundreds of their student peers. 
GIFT has been very much present in King David, as well as in other schools across Manchester, running educational programmes, focussed on altruism and chessed, and the students' response taking on board what they had learned was heartwarming. 
As one of the students, Katie Freedman, said: "We are so proud to have had the opportunity to raise money for such an amazing charity. Our event has gone so well  and we can’t wait to sell more cakes".
Sophie Woolfstein, who together with Aliza Noe runs the Manchester GIFT office, noted:
“I was so inspired by the students, their energy and enthusiasm were electric; they also put so much effort into every detail! It was incredible to see how much they enjoyed doing this tremendous act of giving.”
GIFT’s mission is to inspire and enable lifelong giving, its vision is a community engaged, supported and empowered by the gift of giving. 
GIFT works across London, Manchester and Israel to develop a meaningful sense of responsibility for others, while simultaneously helping individuals and families in need. 
GIFT’s programmes are particularly aimed at young people to instill in our present and future community the values of doing good deeds and making a difference, providing them with tangible, meaningful opportunities to help and connect with others.
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"What we do for ourselves – dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal"
Albert Pine