JLGB Give It Forward

26/07/21JLGB Give It Forward

GIFT were visited this week by two lively & very helpful groups of JLGB participants giving their time for National Citizen Service. 

The groups volunteered as GIFT Box ambassadors standing outside supermarkets inviting shoppers to purchase extra items for the GIFT food bank; followed by packing fresh fruit and vegetables back at the GIFT Hub. 

16 year old Samuel Brodie, a pupil at JFS told us “I am a participant on the JLGB NCS summer programme. For our social action project we decided to raise awareness outside supermarkets for the charity GIFT.  We then volunteered at the GIFT Hub and I got to see the incredible amount of food they give out and how every single item of food donated into the GIFT boxes really help! I look forward to volunteering more at GIFT in the future as it is a fantastic charity that helps so many people and inspires people to become givers.”

Benjamin Furman a JLGB/NCS leader noted “The young adults started their day collecting outside supermarkets asking for either monetary donations or extra food. We were astonished by the positive reaction from the local community filling up our food baskets to the top. The young adults helped in the distribution centre by packing food parcels and organising orders. Through their passion for the project and communicative teamwork, the young adults got through stocks in a matter of hours that would normally have taken all day.”

GIFT provide £7,700 of weekly support packages to over 1,000 people across London & Manchester who are struggling financially or with chronic physical or mental health difficulties. 

To give your time volunteering at GIFT’s food bank over the summer, contact info@jgift.org or call 0208 457 4429

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