A group of 12 Young Professionals from Berlin travelling to London and Israel to seek out volunteering opportunities visited GIFT last week and spent time participating in various educational and volunteering activities. After hearing from Senior Educator, Rabbi Zeidman, about GIFT’s mission to inspire giving in the community, they took part in GIFT’s unique Supermarket Challenge which teaches about food poverty and highlights how a 20p packet of pasta can make all the difference to a family in need.

Later in the day they made sandwiches and spent time in town distributing them to the homeless.

Shimon Motsa, the group leader said ‘Working with GIFT was really great, our participants felt empowered to help and really felt that they had accomplished something beneficial for others.’

R’Zeidman, GIFT Senior Educator, commented ‘Throughout the year, GIFT hosts a number of international groups, both in the UK and Israel. It is always a pleasure to run sessions for these groups to showcase GIFT’s educational and volunteering initiative’s and the effect on students, volunteers and community members.


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"No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted"