Hundreds enjoy GIFT’s half term virtual camp

23/02/21Hundreds enjoy GIFT’s half term virtual camp

‘GIFT’s half term week was so phenomenal!’, reports mum of 5 Stacey Vecht. ‘My kids absolutely loved all the activities; every single one from Rabbi Zeidman to Captain Calamity!  All of it was superb, the juggling, balloon modeling, baking demonstrations, story telling. It was fantastic and we’re so grateful. During lockdown it was very challenging keeping the children busy, educated and stimulated. So thank you so much GIFT!

Over 300 children signed up to the  GIFT half term virtual camp lead by GIFT’s R. Avrohom Zeidman. 

Each day started with 'Start the Day the Giving Way' - half an hour learning being a more giving person, followed each day by learning a giving skill like baking, sign language and juggling. Each day had GIFT volunteers entertainining the children and the day ended with GIFT designed game shows 'The Price is Right' and 'Family Fortunes'.

This half term camp showed how a combination of education and volunteering is not only meaningful but can also be extremely enjoyable. 

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"Those who can do. Those who can do more… volunteer "