Giving is more than just action...

22/12/21Giving is more than just action...

Kinloss Persian Women's Youth Session run by GIFT Senior Educator R. Avrohom Zeidman 

‘Giving is more than just 2D action, it ’s about the giving mindset’, explains R. Zeidman. ‘GIFT’s all-encompassing approach inspires, educates and facilities giving through mind, body and soul. We teach giving on a deeper level.  It’s been especially touching to see the growth & development of the students who have been coming to these sessions for years.’
R. Zeidman runs several weekly interactive in-depth discussion sessions for teenagers & older, delving into the philosophy behind giving. The classes & workshops on giving are based on philosophy & Jewish Mysticism.
One participant explained  ‘I love attending the GIFT weekly classes … they are always interesting, engaging and thought provoking!’ 
Another noted - ‘ Rabbi Zeidman's chaburah has been a great way to realign our values and our actions and learn what it truly means to be a giver.’
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