GIFTs ‘gift of giving’ course is a gift to hundreds of primary school pupils

01/06/21GIFTs ‘gift of giving’ course is a gift to hundreds of primary school pupils

Rabbi Zeidman has used his incontrovertible talents once again to capture the attention of our Year 6 class, and provoke them into being thoughtful and dynamic Givers." Says Mr Kett Head of Jewish Studies at Sacks Morasha Jewish Primary School.

GIFT’s Senior Educator R. Avrohom Zeidman has created and designed an incredible interactive, high energy, fun & hands-on giving course, a booklet and activities for year 6 primary school pupils, which is already being rolled out in 12 schools across London. 

The course teaches a holistic approach to becoming a giver, not just helping those in need, but also giving in relationships, how to be a good friend and have respect for others.  The six sessions come with booklets, stickers and activities.

Rabbi Zeidman explains: ‘ Being a ‘giver’ is more than just giving charity, It is a mindset that affects all one’s relationships.’

“Year 6 at Beit Shvidler gets excited by just hearing the name Rabbi Zeidman! The delivery of the GIFT sessions is superb, it's creative, engaging and accessible for all learners. It is a bi-weekly highlight! says Mr Sanders.”

GIFT’s mission is to develop a giving lifestyle through volunteering and education. To sign up your school - contact

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