GIFT Volunteers Spreading Simcha for Succoth

20/10/22GIFT Volunteers Spreading Simcha for Succoth

As we welcome one of the happiest times of the Jewish year, GIFT volunteers spread the joy by creating and providing Succah decorations for our community’s care homes and families throughout London and Manchester. 

GIFT London partnered with Ezra Youth to help disadvantaged families build and decorate Succahs for care homes in North-West London.  

Shira Joseph, GIFT’s Director of Programming says: “We absolutely love partnering on these types of initiatives with other organisations such as Ezra as it is a fabulous opportunity for their youth to be engaged in volunteering, in addition to supporting the community.” 

Talia Douek, head of GIFT’s new Care Home Initiative Care-nection says: “Now that care homes have been re-opened to volunteers, we are so glad to be bringing the younger generation back to volunteering and building relationships with the elderly. It’s amazing to see the impact on both sides.” 

GIFT Manchester, in conjunction with King David and Me’Or High School students, created beautiful decorations for local care homes. 30 Me’Or high school girls took decorations to The Heathlands Care Home and thoughtfully decorated their Succah. Children from Broughton Jewish Cassel Fox Primary School also participated in creating Succah decorations, which were then brought to the Beenstock Care Home by 15 high school girls. 

Sophie Woolfstein, GIFT’s Manchester Coordinator, says: “Succah decorating was a beautiful way to get kids and high school students involved in making Yom Tov for the elderly a warm and colourful experience.” 

40 Arba Minim sets were generously donated and given out to GIFT’s recipient families; and over 2,000 Sukkot bags containing festival treats as well as hundreds of extra challot were packed by volunteers and distributed before the Festival.  

GIFT has yet again enabled giving for the hundreds who took part in such eventful activities. 

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