GIFT summer camp inspires & enables giving

04/08/21GIFT summer camp inspires & enables giving

45 girls aged 8-11 participated this month in the fourth GIFT summer camp, which proved once again to be a fun yet meaningful experience. 

The week was jam-packed with outings and sessions focused on chessed, acts of kindness & giving.  Activities included making bath bombs for new mums, making chocolate treats and delivering them to Hendon Fire Station, completing a kindness challenge in a shopping centre, cleaning up local parks, packing fruit & vegetable bags in the GIFT Hub and creating healthy recipe boxes for families in need.  Led by an experienced team of madrichot, the GIFT Summer Camp was a summer the girls will not forget in a hurry. 

Hayley Phillips whose daughter Michalle participated in the camp said; “I loved the fact that the girls were having fun but also doing something productive and helping the community through acts of kindness.”

GIFT’s mission is to inspire & enable lifelong giving.

To get in touch, contact GIFT at or phone 0208 457 4429.

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"No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted"