GIFT spreads the light this Chanukah

08/12/21GIFT spreads the light this Chanukah
GIFT has been extraordinarily busy this Chanukah running a number of incredible initiatives for the community.
Over 800 mini packs of GIFT’s  “8 Nights 8 Lights Challenge” were given out to 20 shuls and primary schools across London & Manchester. The booklets contain 8 kindness challenges together with 8 chocolate coins.. one for each night of Chanukah, a sweet incentive after completing each kindness challenge! 
300 electric menorot were crafted by Bnei Mitzva students & by school pupils in London & Manchester & distributed to residents of Langdon, Bedside Kosher for hospital patients and care home residents. These electric menorahs were extremely gratefully received and used in place of real candles in hospitals and care homes, where these would be forbidden.
In conjunction with Cards of Care, students in schools across London designed and delivered over 500 beautiful and personalised Chanukah cards for Jewish Care residents.

Hundreds of menorahs, packs of candles, dreidels and chocolate coins were made up & distributed to GIFT recipient families across London & Manchester. 

Barmitzva boy Yeshaya Rinkoff did a fundraiser and with a group of friends, wrapping over 700 presents for GIFT families to receive over Chanukah.
He told us - ‘I have decided to partner with GIFT, a charity close to my heart, where my family and I often go to volunteer, to provide Chanukah gifts to 300 young children supported by GIFT. This will certainly bring a smile to their faces, as they open their weekly food parcel during the week of Chanukah to find carefully chosen (by me), carefully wrapped (by my friends and I) exciting Chanukah gifts.’

GIFT Manchester ran festive decoration making in schools for old age homes and GIFT Israel & UK launched a Chanukah Toy Drive, in the UK partnering with Camp Simcha and MCT, incredibly collecting & distributing almost 3000 toys for those who wouldn’t ordinarily receive. 

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