GIFT’s Year 11 Summer Trip with a difference

05/09/21GIFT’s Year 11 Summer Trip with a difference

This summer, GIFT ran a social action trip for 21 year 11 students. The group were involved in a number of social action based activities including cooking for the homeless, visiting The Felix Project food bank in Deptford to learn about how food rescue can alleviate poverty. The students also visited Catching Lives homeless shelter in Kent; and picked up litter in Herne Bay Beach.  

Another focus of the trip was team building, with the groups building rafts, helping each other complete a blindfolded obstacle course and much more. The trip culminated with the GIFT Supermarket Challenge, where the students had to shop for a family of five for a week, spending only £10. The trip was a huge success, with participant Rebecca Moshal saying ‘the trip was both fun and very meaningful. It was an incredible and eye-opening experience that I will remember forever!’.

Susie kaye, mother of one of the participants, Rina, who has volunteered for many hours during lockdown, noted “I just can’t thank you enough. My daughter was so incredibly moved - especially by her experience at the homeless shelter, but really by the whole experience. Values that I’ve wanted to give over to my child,  like selfless acts of kindness and Tikkun Olam, you managed to pack them in to the trip, in just a few days. I was totally blown away. Thank you!  Wow! Just wow!”

High School Educator Shira Joseph, who orchestrated & led the trip, said ‘The girls really made this trip exceptional, from the way they threw themselves into every experience; connecting with people in the homeless shelter, picking up litter in the beach, asking questions and engaging in the food bank; down to the small notes and cards they wrote to the people who led the team building activities. It was such a pleasure to be able to facilitate this’

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