GIFT's sweet success!

27/03/19GIFT's sweet success!

GIFT held a hugely successful food appeal this year collecting surplus Mishloach Manot in the GIFT warehouse in Hendon as well as at collection points across London, Manchester and Israel.

Thousands of pounds worth of food was collected from the appeals and will be distributed to hundreds of struggling families throughout the year.

Michelle Barnett, GIFT Founding Director, was delighted with the outcome and overwhelmed by people’s generosity, in addition to the energy and stamina of the volunteers who came on the day to sort and pack the food.

GIFT’s innovative text code donation service for Matanot Le’evyonim, meant that almost £17,000 was distributed to those in dire straits.

GIFT wishes to express its appreciation to all the bucket collectors and ‘spielers’ who gave many hours of their time collecting money for charity, including the Immanuel College ‘Shtark’ group – Dov Forman, Jacob Moshal, Jacob Boyden, Aaron Breslauer, Jess Assor, Michael Black and Family Goldsmith, whose impressive performances delighted audiences across London. GIFT Managing Director, R. Sandor Milun explained-“Having only been at GIFT for 3 weeks, I was slightly taken off guard at the enormity of the operations and outpouring of giving by the community and how incredible the GIFT staff were to organize and coordinate this tsunami of giving! The spielers, especially the incredible Immanuel College crew, Yoni Shine, together with Eli and Ami Jacobs, who won Spiel Factor, raising over £10k!; R’ Broder who hosted 450 community members at Kinloss, in addition to the innovative Purim Seuda at Spiel Factor, which facilitated thousands of pounds to be raised for a number of different charities; all the GIFT staff who drove around handing out thousands of pounds collected from the community; and the hundreds of containers collected of surplus Mishloach Manot that will help over 230 families that receive weekly food parcels. WOW!”

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"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the heart"
Elizabeth Andrew