GIFT's Pesach treats

24/04/19GIFT's Pesach treats

GIFT Charity gave out thousands of pounds worth of Pesach food to families prior to the Festival collected from Pesach GIFT food collection boxes outside shops and generously sponsored by individuals and foundations.  

GIFT would like to thank the community for its generosity donating  chometz food at various drop-off points across London, Manchester and Jerusalem generating over £10,000 worth of food, which will be distributed to hundreds of families in need after Pesach.

Mothers and children at Whitefield Shul, Manchester  joined together this week for a GIFT Kosher L’Pesach soup-packing session. The excited participants cut up an assortment of fresh vegetables which were vacuum-packed and will be sent out to GIFT recipient families in the community along with the rest of their Kosher l' Pesach food parcels. King David Bat Chayil group also delivered personalised seder plates to residents of Heathlands’ Care Home for the elderly.

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