GIFT Rosh Hashanah Round up

14/09/20GIFT Rosh Hashanah Round up

GIFT activities leading up to the High Holy days have been wonderfully hectic says Michelle Barnett, founding director.

“Not only are we distributing the usual weekly food support packages and fruit and vegetables to many hundreds of households, an increase of over 25% in new referrals during this period, but recipient families are also receiving special Yom Tov packages including  wine, honey, candles and honey cake and 3 course freshly catered Yom Tov meals for the family generously sponsored by Magen Avot Shul in Hendon. 

Chaya Langerman who spearheaded the campaign and inspired the fundraising efforts told us 

“It is a great pleasure and honour for Magen Avot community to collaborate with GIFT and providing hundreds of meals for families experiencing financial difficulties. We are grateful to all our generous donors who opened their hearts at such unusual times.”

In addition to the extra Yom Tov food packages, GIFT is providing shofar blowing services to those people in the community, subject to logistics, who are unable to get to shul on Yom Tov. 

GIFT is also inviting the community to sign up to send a personalised online gift certificate to friends and family in the place of Rosh Hashana gifts such as flowers, wine and chocolate through its website

The GIFT Online Certificates are available for every occasion, Yom Tov, Shabbat, mazel tovs & thank you.

On the Sunday prior to Rosh Hashana, GIFT held an online giving day featuring a teenage workshop by a motivational speaker, Jodeci Joseph, an inspiring interview about the origins of GIFT, games stories and crafts for children - a day of giving for the whole family. The sessions were well viewed and the feedback was hugely positive. 

The week of Rosh Hashanah the GIFT team together with volunteers spent many hours phoning their volunteers and donors to thank them for their support during the year. Rabbi Sandor Milun explains “expressing our gratitude for the incredible support and blessings shown to the community through GIFT is a vital aspect of our work.” 

To donate to the GIFT Rosh Hananah appeal or sign up for the shofar blowing service contact the office on 0208 457 4429, 

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