GIFT online Pre-Pesach Camp

07/04/21GIFT online Pre-Pesach Camp

Over 100 children signed up to GIFT’s pre-Pesach online camp, educating primary school students about the power of giving whilst giving parents an opportunity to prepare for Pesach.

Sessions included: Start the Day the Giving Way - an understanding of the true meaning of being free.

An incredible Magical Ancient Egypt Tour with Rabbi Zeidman showed the power of gratitude once an understand was gained of what life was really like in Egypt. 

Origami frog-making by a GIFT volunteer was extremely riveting as was the Pesach giving Kahoot game run by GIFT educator Shira Joseph. Finally Rabbi Peretz of Connect Borehamwood entertained the children with his one man band Hagadah show. 

The feedback was incredible with thank you emails received as well as a handwritten colourful thank you note from a very grateful young boy. 

“Dear GIFT, we wanted to thank you for this beautiful camp, it really made my children's day... And on my side, I was so busy with the Pessach cleaning... it was a big help for me to know the children were involved in something educational for Pesach. I was amazed at how my 6 y old son stayed stuck to the virtual Egypt Tour... I never thought he would be so interested. Rabbi Zeidman knows so well how to captivate them, it's amazing... 

And my house is full of cute little paper frogs, waiting for the Seder !!!

Thank you so much again from all the family.”


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