In response to the COVID 19 Coronavirus outbreak and the rapidly changing news, our UK community seems likely to suffer significantly in the coming weeks and months. As a matter of urgent priority GIFT has put into immediate effect newly created plans to support the needs of the community, especially those in the greatest need, the elderly and most vulnerable. At the time of writing, the GIFT Giving Hub is still open as it is an essential resource in the community; and GIFT volunteers, smaller numbers at a time, but in constant shifts throughout the day are still distributing food and support packages to hundreds of households across London and Manchester, with an exponential number of new referrals daily.

The new plans will see volunteers who would normally have visited homes and care homes, calling or video calling instead, care packages being made for front line staff to keep morale high, volunteer shopping and virtual tutoring to replace the Sunday morning tutoring club.

Michelle Barnett, Founding Director said ‘GIFT has a major part to play in the forthcoming months – to offer practical support to as many individuals in need as possible. We will continue to drive forward with any initiatives that will offer support and comfort. We have been approached by other welfare organisations such as United Synagogue Project Chessed, Jewish Care, Jami, Homestart and numerous Jewish Schools for support. 

Within the first hour of creating a new volunteers support group, we have been flooded with hundreds of people wanting to sign up and give. Over 600 volunteers have now signed up to help and volunteering opportunities are being snapped up by the second. As always, GIFT is here to support the community. Today more than ever in the last 15 years, our vision of a world full of givers is one we all now need. 

GIFT and the community NEED your help. 

To request support, please contact us on To support our community campaign, please donate to

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"The greatest gift you can give someone is your time, because when you give your time, you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back"
Rick Warren