GIFT Manchester’s Community Food Drive saves the day!

22/07/20GIFT Manchester’s Community Food Drive saves the day!

GIFT’s recent community food drive in Manchester was a huge success, both in sourcing new food donations for GIFT Manchester’s food bank, but also involving many youngsters; who eagerly got onboard to get the community giving.

Each of the 11 and 12 year olds involved, from Yavneh and Broughton Jewish Schools, designed and created their own flyers to give out in their streets. Everyone involved, all ages, young and old and all religious denominations; everyone was happy to take an item of food from their house or to just go to the shops and add a few extra items into their basket.

GIFT’s Sophie Woolfstein told us “GIFT Manchester was hit by the pandemic like many other charities and food banks. None of the supermarkets were delivering more then 3 items whilst GIFT needed hundreds of food items each week. Our food stocks were really low and because of the restrictions we had single family units coming to do packathons. Each time we got calls to say how there was not enough food and how upset they were not to be able to put a decent amount of food in the bags for the recipient families. At the same time I got a call from a local teacher to ask if we had any volunteering opportunities for year 6 and 7 students during this pandemic. I thought If all these kids could create their own way of getting more food in, we could run a community food drive,  still keeping to government guidelines. 

We were really stuck until this food drive came along; and everyone gave so generously-it literally saved our food bank! Unfortunately our stocks go down so quickly; knowing how well the girls and boys did, we’d love to run this again soon!”

Nicola Rose told us “ I was so proud of my daughters Adina and Eliana for putting their hearts into the food drive. They were excited right from the beginning from designing and writing their flyer to organising the food into the boxes when it arrived on our doorstep. They knew they were making a big difference and it was so heartwarming to watch them doing this important mitzvah!” 

GIFT Manchester currently supports over 150 people, struggling financially, elderly, with physical or mental health issues. Most referrals come from The Fed or Jewish Women’s Aid. To get involved, refer or to contribute your donation please contact Sophie or Aliza on or 07928417571

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