GIFT Lights up the Manchester Community!

22/12/21GIFT Lights up the Manchester Community!

Students at the King David School in Manchester have given out ‘hug tokens’ to friends and family, after watching a Sparks of Giving video made by GIFT.

Head of Kodesh, Rayna Glickman wrote to the GIFT team after she had shown her pupils the special Chanukah edition of Sparks of Giving: ‘We were watching your Sparks of Giving video and discussing how we can show love to another person and on the spur of the moment we decided to make ‘hug tokens’ just like you demonstrated on your video, for the children to give out to family and friends.’

Rabbi Avrohom Zeidman, GIFT’s Senior Educator, noted, ‘It is great to see how in King David School the theory of giving is being put into action. Headteachers approach me on a regular basis explaining how much the pupils love watching the videos and really relate to the importance of being a giver. These students are a perfect example of fulfilling GIFT’s mission, to inspire and enable lifelong giving in the community.’

Each week, GIFT’s education team posts a short video based on the week’s Torah portion, inspiring young people to give and make a difference to others. The videos are watched in almost 20 primary and secondary schools across London and Manchester, with parents and adults watching too after being encouraged by their kids. Over 60 acclaimed videos have been made since the series was launched.

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