GIFT launches its first Batmitzvah course

13/07/21GIFT launches its first Batmitzvah course

GIFT launched its first Batmitzvah course for 40 girls in year 7 from Hasmonean, JFS, Immanuel College and North London Collegiate Schools. 

The sessions focused on giving, starting with oneself and moving outwards to family, friends and community.

The girls made gifts for new mothers through the charity Mother to Mother; and flowers were arranged in vases to be given by the girls as appreciation gifts. In groups, the Batmitzvah girls brainstormed and presented ideas to help the community and packed support parcels in the GIFT Hub for GIFT recipients. 

GIFT Bnei Mitzva coordinator Esther Zneimer who ran the course said - “It was so great to see the girls engaging in the giving activities and contributing to the discussions. The energy of the group was incredible!”

Natalie van Dijk, mother of twins, Lielle and Sophia told us “ I was looking for a Batmitzvah program that incorporated fun, yet educational and meaningful activities. The GIFT Batmitzvah course was well organized, stimulating and got the girls really thinking about how they could give to others. My girls really enjoyed  it.”

Another mother noted, “ My daughter was delighted to join the GIFT Batmitzvah program. She had the best time with her friends. In just a short amount of time GIFT were able to instil in her values of chesed and kindness, as well as giving. She is already looking forward to the next time she can help out at GIFT.”

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