GIFT inspires the community to provide Pesach for the people of Ukraine

12/04/22GIFT inspires the community to provide Pesach for the people of Ukraine

In response to a request by Rabbi Wolff, Chief Rabbi of Odessa & Southern Ukraine, who last week sent GIFT a video plea to help the thousands of  Jews left in Odessa who have no access to Kosher food for Pesach; GIFT stepped up, arranged a 22 ton truck and invited the whole community to join with them to collect Pesach food for the Jews in Odessa as well as providing transport for food and supplies to the FJC (Federation of Jewish Communities in Uman) which sends aid to Chabad’s emissaries on the ground throughout Ukraine.

Over 50 organizations from across the community responded to GIFT’s appeal: schools, shuls, youth groups and charities came on board inviting their congregations, participants and students to bring in requested food items. 

GIFT Events Co-ordinator Anoushka Goldman said “ GIFT have collaborated with communities and organisations across the UK in a cohesive effort to bring Pesach food to the Jewish families still in Ukraine. We made every organisation their own personalised flyer with a specific list of food items to ensure we received & could send out a varied cross section of food. The drive culminated in an amazing ‘day of giving’ on Sunday partnered with Mill Hill Synagogue. The picture was complete with all elements combined and then sent off: everything a Jewish family would need on Pesach was in the truck and more! What an amazing experience and achievement to be a part of.”

Mill Hill’s Rabbi Shochet noted “it was an exceptional effort and a beautiful example of Jewish unity; a community coming together to help our brothers and sisters in distress.”

GIFT’s MD, Rabbi Sandor Milun told us  “What was amazing about the Ukraine Pesach appeal was that it embodied exactly the mission of GIFT, inspiring and enabling giving. So many people were inspired to get involved, over 50 organisations -thousands of people getting involved, helping, making a difference by doing so many acts of kindness and positive acts to help others across the world, in dire need. It was an amazing experience seeing people from all walks of life step up; hundreds of  volunteers sorting & packing hundreds of thousands of food items and loading the lorry.  It was a really special experience and incredible to be part of it. We were exceptionally blessed to have the Mill Hill community come on board to partner with us, as well as incredible contributions from communities far and wide ”

GIFT’s mission is to inspire and enable lifelong giving. To get involved contact GIFT on

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