GIFT Drive-In, a celebration of volunteers event draws in over 750 people!

14/07/20GIFT Drive-In, a celebration of volunteers event draws in over 750 people!

On Wednesday 8th July, GIFT Charity put on the first ever charity Drive-in evening in the UK, attended by almost 800 people, with The Worshipful The Mayor of Barnet Councillor Caroline Stock as guest of honour. 

Live performances thrilled the occupants of the 220+ cars; Britain’s Got Talent finalist DNA mind readers; The Voice contestant Moni Tivony performing together with 13 year old singer Yoni Shine, as well as an incredible performance by Zulu dancers which amazed the captured audience. 

Her Worshipful The Mayor, gave out awards to 10 categories of GIFT volunteers whose very special contribution during lockdown had been exemplary; Claudia Green, who organised thousands of cooked meals to go out to those isolated, elderly and unwell; Mathew & Chloe Gold & Amalia Greenwood, the volunteers running the GIFT virtual tutoring club which facilitated 300+ tutoring pairs; Talia Goldstein, who manned GIFT's phones for 4 months; Naomi Russell who launched Food Bank Aid at the start of lockdown, providing GIFT’s food bank with thousands of pounds worth of donated food; Lauren Moshal, who collected over £12,000 worth of laptops, toys, games and I pads for GIFTs recipient families; Shimon Kelly, who has given hundreds of hours of his time to manage the GIFT warehouse; Gila Davis, who helped to manage the volunteer Watsap groups, facilitating over 4000 acts of giving by volunteers:  prescriptions being collected & essential shopping for the elderly and isolated; Howard & Beverly Calvert, who instigated NHS-OS, which saw over 4000 gratitude packs distributed to NHS Staff, care homes & hospices and Nicci Menashe who organised thousands of personalised ‘Cards with Care’ for those isolated in care homes. 

Sandor Milun, GIFT’s MD said “What a wonderful celebration of GIFT's amazing volunteers! We were very grateful to have The Worshipful The Mayor of Barnet, trustees and friends join us for this incredible evening. The feedback from everyone has been awesome.”

Edward Misrahi, Chairman of Jewish Futures, said “ It takes a truly unique organization to figure out a way, during these difficult times, to put on an evening that was entertaining, when people have struggled to find ways of enjoying themselves outside; and at the same time reflecting the values, principles & sprit that are so important to the organisation. The evening was extremely well organized and thought through. Well done GIFT!”

The Mayor of Barnet said “I was absolutely delighted to have attended the GIFT Volunteer Appreciation Evening. Everyone had come together to show how much the Jewish community cares about its amazing Volunteers. I felt very privileged to have been able to give out the awards to the outstanding individuals. People who had decided to stand up and make a difference during this unprecedented Covid19 period. GIFT just isn’t another charity, it has now grown into something very special. The idea of writing a letter to an elderly person or supplying a laptop, so a vulnerable person can communicate truly does give a “GIFT of Connection”.  GIFT is a true inspiration to the Jewish and wider communities.”


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"If there be among you a needy person, one of your brethren… you must not harden your heart, nor shut your hand from your poor brother. But you shall open your hand wide to him"
Deut. 15:7-8