GIFT distributes 1800 freshly cooked meals for Shavuot

01/06/20GIFT distributes 1800 freshly cooked meals for Shavuot

In preparation for the Festival of Shavuot, and with the help of over 100 dedicated volunteers, GIFT distributed over 1,800 freshly cooked meals and 700 special Yom Tov packages containing challahs, wine, candles, cakes, box of chocolates as well as essentials to the elderly, isolated and vulnerable. 

A number of the cooked meals were sponsored by the EY UK & Ireland Jewish society, as well as Mia Samuels in honour of her Batmitzvah and the #cooking4gift campaign. Israel Bonds UK also generously donated 633 meals. When Joe Ozer and his team from Israel Bonds realised that Coronavirus was going to create insurmountable issues for local companies, charities and the community, they came up with a way to help. 

“We realised that by supporting a local catering company to cook meals for those in need,  we figured that we could contribute to all three. We approached Ben Tenenblat Ltd who told us about the great work GIFT were doing in the community.  We were very excited not only to donate to their cause, but forge a working sponsorship with them.”

GIFT also distributed cheese cakes, cookies and hundreds of bunches of flowers to its recipient families.

One single mother of 5 children was overwhelmed. She wrote to them saying 

“Dearest GIFT,  how can I thank you for literally saving my life over this whole traumatic period. As a single mum I’m not only going through severe financial hardship I’m also struggling mentally to cope with the kids. Your cooked meals, amazing food parcels, flowers and presents for the children not only help financially but took the stress and burden off me and my family, allowing me to give my children more of my time. I don’t know how I can ever repay you. All I hear is how many people you’re helping so I know it’s not just me. Please G-d one day I can repay you, not just for what you send me but for your kindness and care always.”

Over the past 10 weeks, GIFT has distributed 5800 cooked meals, £94,600 worth of food parcels, £10,000 worth of toys, laptops & bicycles, 4,200 gratitude care packs to NHS hospitals, care homes and hospices, 950 personalised cards to the elderly; as well as responding to 3000 requests for help, arranging 160 tutoring pairs and delivering 150 on-line educational sessions. 


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"She opens her mouth with wisdom, the teaching of kindness is on her tongue"
Proverbs 31:26