In preparation for the festival of Purim, GIFT hosted and facilitated some incredible activities in London and Manchester. They were thrilled to involve hundreds of volunteers in making a positive difference to others in the community and to the community in Ukraine:








Libby Kafton & Ariella Berchole
celebrating their birthdays invited friends and family to the GIFT Warehouse for their party, to pack 80 amazing Mishloach Manot for GIFT beneficiaries.


On Sunday 20th March, GIFT invited the community across North West London and Manchester to donate their surplus Mishloach Manot. As well as the healthy food parcels that GIFT sends out each week, once a month their recipient families receive a bag of treats, and the GIFT Warehouse had recently run out of supplies of treats and goodies. There was a wonderful response with thousands of pounds of food donated and streams of volunteers coming to the different venues to sort. 


Michelle Barnett MBE, GIFT’s Founding Director, said: ‘Purim is such a wonderful time of year, an opportunity for us all join together as a community to celebrate, making a difference to others. We are so grateful to the hundreds of people of all ages, up and down the country, who gave of their time, enthusiasm and energy to bring joy to GIFT beneficiaries & tthose who spieled & collected for GIFT on Purim day, raising much needed funds. Thank you!

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"It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do"
Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility