Fruity GIFTS for the community

14/02/19Fruity GIFTS for the community
This week GIFT have run Tu Bishvat fruit collections, flower planting in pots for old age homes as well as  educational sessions for hundreds of young people in schools, youth groups and Shuls across London, Manchester and Jerusalem including Yavneh College, Hertsmere, Morasha, Etz Chaim, Rosh Pinah, Immanuel College, Ezra Youth Group, Borehamwood & Elstree Shul, King David Primary & Secondary Schools, Manchester, and YTA, Evelyna and Yehuda Halevi Schools in Jerusalem. 
Yavneh Bat Chayil group in Manchester participated in an interesting session about planting the seeds of their journeys of womanhood.
Yoni Shine, aged 12 told us ‘making up the fruit baskets in school was a really fun activity and it felt good knowing that a family who might not be able to afford such nice fruit would appreciate it on Tu bishvat.”

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"Charity and acts of kindness are equal to the whole Torah"
Yalkut Psalms 859