Families enjoy the challenges of The GIFT Giving Treasure Hunt

07/09/20Families enjoy the challenges of The GIFT Giving Treasure Hunt

GIFTs Drive to GIVE challenges Treasure hunt has been an amazing way to spend a few hours together outdoors with the family during the summer holidays.
Created by GIFT’s über talented Avrohom Zeidman; the challenges lead you from the GIFT warehouse in north west London through clues spread out in local high streets, kosher shops and parks. Each question is carefully designed to get the participant to think about a different aspect of charity or giving opportunity. Using the latest technology, classic hidden clues and riddles are joined with GPS searches and QR code hunting. 

Rabbi Zeidman explains “Summer holidays were coming and an easing of lockdown. There was a need to get out and enjoy the fresh air. The GIFT giving treasure hunt was an opportunity to do so whilst learning about giving. The best form of education is when it’s embedded in fun.”

Aliza Kander, whose family took part in the challenges in August told us  “The GIFT treasure hunt was a great activity to get the kids out the house to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.  It taught the kids the importance of charity whilst at the same time challenging them. It was a great activity for kids of all ages and we are looking forward to doing our second one next week.”

Talia Rowe explained “The treasure hunt was challenging and exciting. 

A brilliant trail where the kids could learn about GIFT and giving as well as having fun.”

To book your place on the GIFT treasure hunt, go to www.jgift.org/challenge

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