Batmitzva Annie GIFTs her chocolate hamper

20/09/19Batmitzva Annie GIFTs her chocolate hamper
12 year old Annie Miller chose a chocolate challenge for her batmitzvah year. A chocolate-lover, Annie decided to give up chocolate and chocolatey products for the  entire year and raise money through this challenge for the North London Hospice and additionally donate a hamper of chocolate products to a different charity every month.
Through Charity GIFT, Annie donated her August hamper to another batmitzva girl less fortunate, who was absolutely delighted to receive it on her Batmitzva. 
Annie told us “I am aware of how fortunate I am and took on this chocolate challenge for my Batmitzva to share my joy with others less fortunate. I am delighted that GIFT passed the chocolate hamper on to another girl who’s been through a tough time and I’m so pleased that my hamper made her special day even happier!” 
Annie’s fundraising page is and she is delighted to invite the community to support her challenge.

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Albert Einstein