Bar Mitzvah boys get handy with GIFT & DIY expert to build a life of giving

30/06/22Bar Mitzvah boys get handy with GIFT & DIY expert to build a life of giving

GIFT’s vision is a community engaged, supported & empowered by the gift of giving. A group of Barmtzvah boys in year 8 volunteered last week to be part of the GIFT mission. This most recent Barmitzvah programme taught a new skill set to 18 Bnei Mitzvah at GIFT’s London office. The boys learned some essential skills such as drilling, screwing in and hot gluing under the supervision of DIY expert Ben Cowan. Sensory boards decorated with buckles, zippers, handles and keys, thanks to our group’s new DIY skills, are to be given to Kisharon School students and GIFT recipient families with young children. As seen here, the young men were very engaged and spent time meticulously putting together each board.

In addition to getting hands-on for a good cause, the Barmitzvah boys who attended the DIY workshop enjoyed each other's company along with a great meal from Bagels Bar Grill House.

Esther Zneimer, GIFT’s Bnei Mitzva Coordinator noted, "Our Bar Mitzvah ' Build a Gift' event on Wednesday evening sold out. The boys were so creative and designed the boards so beautifully. We donated the boards to Kisharon and to special needs children of families supported by GIFT.  We also had an interactive discussion about how we can give with all of our 5 senses and a delicious burger dinner was enjoyed by all.”

13 year old Zac Stross, from Hasmonean, who attended the session explained “It was a lot of fun and a great social. Everyone was very friendly, the food was good & the activity was cool. It was nice to think someone else will have fun from it. I’d definitely be up for doing this more regularly.”

From learning a new skill to building a gift, Bnei Mitzvah experienced yet another impactful session of giving. By putting their skills in action, this activity proposed an enjoyable way to perform a charitable act. After feeling a strong sense of autonomy, the group was all the more inspired to Give It Forward to our community’s children in need.

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