A Sweet GIFT

31/10/19A Sweet GIFT

This week a group of students met up in Hillel House, Birmingham to launch young GIFT; to educate, inspire and facilitate fellow students to give their time and energy to help others.

Their first event, in connection with Aish Birmingham, saw over 60 students raring to go, peeling, chopping and making ready-made vacuum-sealed soup packs for hundreds of GIFT recipient families.

Gila Davis, chairing the committee, was hugely excited by the turn out.

“Students often have free time and want to do something productive with it but opportunities can be limited on campus. By preparing the soup packs for families in need it’s really nice to know that as it gets colder, their families willl have a tasty warm and nourishing soup. I also had so much fun volunteering with my friends.”

Shira Joseph, GIFT educator, who came up from London to launch the event and the committee was thrilled with the response from the students. “It was amazing to see so many students not only come to the event,  but want to be a part of the GIFT team, organising events to help the community around us.”

The next GIFT Birmingham volunteering initiative will take place on Mitzvah Day, Sunday 17th November.

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"Those who can do. Those who can do more… volunteer "