A GIFT of yet another 1000 catered meals!

29/07/20A GIFT of yet another 1000 catered meals!

This week, GIFT volunteers delivered another 1,000 catered meals to those most in need in the community; resulting in a total number of over 8000 meals distributed to the vulnerable, elderly and those isolating during the lockdown period.  

One recipient, suffering with serious mental health issues, relayed his gratitude “GIFT has been incredible this whole time. I’ve been locked down for the past 4 months, not seen anyone. I’ve not been able to go to my hospital appointments;  I’ve had little support from anyone else, but GIFT have been there constantly, phoning me, reassuring me, shopping for me and providing me with my essentials. Even if I could cook, I don’t even have cooking facilities. There’s nothing like a cooked meal when you’re feeling low and alone. Their regular supply of cooked food has been a life-saver!”

GIFT MD Rabbi Sandor Milun explained “During this pandemic, GIFT staff and volunteers have done all in their power to be there for the community. We feel very blessed to have provided those most in need of our services such a life-line. We have been inundated with new referrals and we are acutely aware that unfortunately this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

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"No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted"