35 UK students brace the wind and rain to run The Jerusalem Marathon for GIFT

04/04/2235 UK students brace the wind and rain to run The Jerusalem Marathon for GIFT

Despite the downpours in Jerusalem on Friday, over 35 UK students on their gap year, took part in the Jerusalem Marathon to raise money for GIFT.  19 year old Dalia Bornstein. currently studying in MMY Seminary, Jerusalem, with a  place to study medicine at Cambridge University next year and Joel Herman in Reishit Yeshiva,  studying at Leeds next year. have both been volunteering for GIFT for a number of years; decided to put together a team of friends and fellow students to run in the Jerusalem Marathon.   Joel Herman told us  'Despite the weather, the run was incredible and everyone was so full of energy to run for such an amazing cause.  The vibe was unmatched and every runner was constantly pushing each other on to make it to the end!'

 The festivities kicked off with a pasta party at Cafe Le Giardino, Jerusalem the night before the run for the students to have the opportunity to load up on carbs before the race and to receive their running number and GIFT Tshirt for the marathon.  The group heard words of inspiration from Jodeci Joseph, a young motivational speaker who spoke about just how much of a difference one person can make. 

 Shira Joseph, GIFT's High School Manager, who flew out for the occasion remarked 'It was so great to reconnect with so many former volunteers and see how many people remain connected to the charity - our mission is to inspire and enable lifelong giving; for gap year students to give time and energy to this, was just incredible to see.'

 The 5k and 10k races took place on Friday morning with students remaining cheerful and hyped up as they splashed through Jerusalem in the rain.  Even the slippery Jerusalem stone didn't put them off.

Dalia Bornstein said 'Joel & I thought that participating in the Jerusalem Marathon would be a wonderful experience. We realised that many British gap year students probably felt the same way,  so we set up a team and what charity is closer to home for all of us than GIFT!? They support everyone in need in the community and are changing the world through inspiring and facilitating giving. In my life, I have been continually inspired by GIFT for as long as I can remember through volunteering as a home help, tutor and driver and being a part of their educational sessions in school; they empower us to make positive change in the world. With this, I reached out to Shira Joseph and she was just as excited about it as Joel and I. The message that GIFT stands for really spoke for itself so once we advertised the run, everyone was keen to get involved! After the event, the inspiration was palpable; through the experience of running and raising money for GIFT - their message resonated with so many and GIFT continues to inspire… ‘ 

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"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the heart"
Elizabeth Andrew