Over the last few weeks, GIFT has given out over 3,000 cooked meals and are being approached daily to help those that are in need and vulnerable.

Take part in the #cooking4GIFT challenge and share a photo of a hot meal you've cooked at home! Follow the instructions below if you'd like to take part on Facebook or Instagram.


1. Take a picture of a hot meal you've cooked at home

2. Start a new post and add your photo onto it.

3. On the caption, copy and paste the following:

I am taking part in the #cooking4GIFT campaign for @GIFTCharity (make sure you tag us).
I would like to share the love for those that don't have access to the same ingredients or cooking facilities so I've decided to donate a minimum of £7 to GIFT to sponsor at least one hot meal for someone who needs it. I nominate @example, @example, @example, @example and @example to do the same. Copy and paste this caption, go to jgift.org/cooking4gift and get involved!

4. Make sure you add and tag the people you wish to nominate in order for as many hot meals to be donated as possible.


1. Take a picture of a hot meal you've cooked at home
2. Upload it to your Instagram Story, make sure you hashtag #Cooking4GIFT and tag @giftcharity in your story post.

3. Donate a minimum of £7 to GIFT and nominate 5 people to do the challenge after you.

4. You can use the Donation sticker, Challenge sticker, and/or let people know they can donate on the link @giftcharity's bio, or go to jgift.org/cooking4GIFT directly.


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"No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted"