Kindness Hacks

Kindness Hacks from Emor

08/05/20   It’s Temple times. A poor person walks past a field breathing a sigh of relief that grain still remains untouched in the corner. Grateful that no one is around to witness, he enters the field and...

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Kindness Hacks from Acharei Mot Kedoshim

30/04/20   Kindness Hacks from Acharei Mot Kedoshim ‘You shall be holy…’ (Vayikra 19:1)Holy? How?!The Chatam Sofer points out something fascinating about this command.Hashem commanded Moshe to...

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Kindness Hacks from Tazria/Metzora

24/04/20   Two birds, cedar wood, crimson thread and hyssop.This is the unique combination of materials used in the purification process for someone who sinned by speaking Loshon Hora.Each item demonstrates fascinating...

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Kindness Hacks from Parshat Shmini

17/04/20   A kindness bird. In this weeks Parsha we are introduced to a white stork, known in Hebrew as a ‘chasida’, which comes from the word Chesed – kindness.In Hebrew the name of something...

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Kindness Hacks from Tzav

02/04/20   One of the offerings mentioned in this weeks Parsha is the Korban Todah- the Thanksgiving Offering.Rooted into the genetic makeup of the Jewish people, is the ability to thank. This is denoted within...

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Kindness Hacks from Vayikra

27/03/20   Sensitive to people’s economic statuses, the Torah lists different types of sacrifices. Someone unable to bring one of the more ‘expensive’ options, could bring a ‘Korban Mincha...

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"Charity and acts of kindness are equal to the whole Torah"
Yalkut Psalms 859