Kindness Hacks

Kindness Hacks from Eikev

06/08/20   Watching the monkeys in the zoo, depicts a beautiful scene, each one displaying great empathy and love for each other. Big monkeys hover protectively over small ones, the epitome of a peaceful and caring...

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Kindness Hacks from Vaetchanan

30/07/20   An elderly widow, grief stricken and struggling after losing her husband discovered that she would have to be quarantined for Pesach due the Coronavirus pandemic. She couldn’t believe that she could...

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Kindness Hacks from Devarim

23/07/20   Moshe is speaking to the people before his death, reviewing the events and experiences that they had encountered during their years in the desert ‘...and you said, because the Almighty hated us...

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Kindness Hacks from Matos/Maasei

16/07/20   A philosophy professor came into his class. He took a large transparent empty jar and started to fill it with massive stones. The professor asked his students: “Is the jar full?” They confirmed...

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Kindness hacks from Pinchas

09/07/20   It is fascinating to think that out of the billions of people on planet earth, every single individual is entirely unique. Fingerprints, the most widely used biometric identifier are a clear example of...

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Kindness Hacks from Chukat/Balak

03/07/20   A man was walking through a forest when he came across someone cursing as he laboured to chop down a tree. ‘What’s the problem?’ The man asked. ‘My saw is blunt and won&rsquo...

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"Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give"
Ben Carson