Kindness Hacks from Shoftim

‘I am your constant companion....

Half the things you do you might just as well turn over to me, and I will be able to do them quickly and correctly....

I am easily managed – you must merely be firm with me...

Take me, train me, be firm with me, and I will place the world at your feet...

Who am I...?’


We are told in this weeks Parsha to walk in the ways of G-d ‘all the days’ (Devarim 19:9).

The Sages explain that walking in the ways of G-d means emulating G-d’s kindness and compassion. G-d is the ultimate giver, building and sustaining our world constantly.

The Chofetz Chaim notes that the Torah is stressing that this must be done every day. It is a mistake to think that if one does someone a favour they have ‘covered’ their obligation to do kindness for the next few weeks.

Every day of our lives we need to go out of our way to do a favour for someone.

In the lead up to Rosh Hashana it is a prime time to take on a small step to improve ourselves. Right here in this Parsha is a suggestion.

A daily act of kindness. To make it a habit.
‘Kindness is not an act, it’s a lifestyle’ Antony Williams

(Extract from poem by Steven Covey, Torah ideas Adapted from Love your Neighbour by Zelig Pliskin)

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"If there be among you a needy person, one of your brethren… you must not harden your heart, nor shut your hand from your poor brother. But you shall open your hand wide to him"
Deut. 15:7-8