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GIFT’s mission is to inspire the next generation to become givers. We start doing that with education. In the classroom, out of the classroom, in a supermarket, at the GIFT Giving Hub - we don’t care so much where we work but that the education itself is dynamic and creates a lasting impression.

We want our students to be inspired and that is only going to happen if we ourselves are inspirational - so we think outside the box, creating programmes and sessions that are fun, meaningful, practical and powerful - leaving students eager to learn more and to do more.

Being a giver is not wholly about volunteering - it is also about being a better child, a better parent, a better sibling, a better neighbour, a better member of your community.

Primary Schools

Child day dreaming in school

Running sessions on giving in primary schools is the perfect opportunity for young children to have fun whilst beginning to view their world through a giving lens.

We strive to make sessions for 5 - 10 year olds creative and engaging yet effective and with meaning.

Kerem Year 6 students say…

It made me feel proud to do something less fortunate for families less fortunate than ourselves

In the end I was really moved and would definitely like to become a volunteer for GIFT when I am older

To find out more about GIFT’s Primary school education please email

Secondary Schools

Child in secondary school class raising their hand

We engage secondary school children in a variety of different ways - we recognise that formal education about giving is important - for the recipient, the individual doing the giving and society at large. It is also widely acknowledged that practical involvement in giving activities contribute significantly to the development of a long term giving character trait.

GIFT educators have developed a wide variety of sessions that communicate the deeper message of being a giver whilst participating in creative giving activities, making useful gifts for a variety of worthy beneficiaries and causes such as care homes, the homeless, and paediatric centres.

You have enriched the education of our children with the engaging and dynamic sessions and you have taught about being part of a community contributing to society and making a difference.

Immanuel College

To find out more about GIFT’s Secondary school education please email

Youth Groups

Group of youths putting their hands into a circle

With a wide variety of ages to cater for, GIFT’s education for youth groups encompasses hand-on giving sessions, supermarket challenges and packing sessions at the GIFT Giving Hub.

We can cater for out of hours sessions with advance notice.

To find out more about GIFT’s secondary school education please email

Bar / Batmitzvah

Script in book

At such a special time in life more and more parents are recognising that beyond the party, this time is a perfect opportunity to enable their children to truly do something meaningful.

Working with you we will tailor make a ‘GIFT Giving Station’ at your party - giving your child and their friends an opportunity to take part in an enjoyable yet fulfilling activity that will benefit others, bringing an act of giving directly to your simcha.

For example:

  • Jewellery making
  • Balloon modelling
  • Cupcake decorating
  • Wine glass decorating
  • Challah making

What makes the GIFT Giving Station unique, is that the children create gifts for others as opposed to keeping it for themselves.

GIFT distribute these presents to:

  • Disadvantaged families
  • Care homes
  • Children’s homes and orphanages in Eastern Europe
  • Patients in hospitals

I just want to thank you for all of your help and being the vehicle for the chessed. The girls enjoyed the workshop so much, they could have stayed their all night! They made around 50 cupcakes to donate and I love how most of them selected their favourite to be the one to give away

To find out more about GIFT’s Bar / Batmitzvah Education please email

6th Form

Male 6th form student

Whether it be as part of a 6th form programme run in school or college or a GIFT run programme, our educators have the tools to inspire and engage. At this time of life 6th formers are seeking answers to some of life’s most powerful questions and what they learn about giving and how they behave towards others will shape their adult behaviour - making a difference to what truly matters in life - how they view themselves and what contribution will they make to their communities and society?

I wanted to thank you deeply for your incredible efforts and success in planning, organising and running the REC Volunteering Programme at JFS. The programme was a visionary innovation… it gave our students the opportunity to experience and ‘live’ the values we try so hard to instil in them. Each session was relevant, bespoke and planned in an exacting manner… the students feedback was overwhelmingly positive…

Rabbi Golker Teacher, Jewish Studies, JFS

To find out more about GIFT’s 6th Form Education please email


University students graduating

Requiring a different style education than given in schools, GIFT educators are experienced in imparting meaningful content suitable for University students. GIFT educators can tailor-make sessions or can give a talk by way of invitation.

To find out more about GIFT’s education for Universities, please email

International Groups

Business team putting world map puzzle together

Whether you are from Denver, Denmark or Darwin if you are looking to add a fun yet powerful social action event to your group’s trip to London or Israel then look no further than the GIFT Education Team.

Arranged as an ad-hoc experience as part of a trip itinerary, your group can take part in a packing session, an informal education activity or even a Supermarket Challenge.

Alternatively, we can tailor make a specific 2-3 day programme for your group that will leave them inspired and excited to give back.

To find out more about arranging a visit for your international group, please email

Young Professionals & Adults

Jewish adults in classroom

Young Professionals

Young professionals love to socialise, meet new friends and build relationships. Doing that successfully is key part of leading a happy life. GIFT Educators bring depth, humour, engagement and practical opportunities to get together and give.


The one area of life we can say with certainty that adults of all ages want to know more about is how to have better relationships. There is clearly no ‘one size fits all’ formula for success. However, anyone that has ever had a really happy marriage or a great relationship with their children will tell you that the more they gave, the better it got.

To find out more about GIFT’s education for Young Professionals and Adults, please email

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